• Sneakers that Change your Life

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The Red Needle was founded on the main aspiration of bringing to life the sensations and beauties of POP culture that have inspired generations, while preserving and evolving the future of the american comic book industry in High End Designer Fashion! 

Our clothing speak more than just fabric that enrobes the body, they entertain the mind. They are a Luxury comic that make one laugh, smile, dream and feel excited. They feel like that Teenage Dream whether you are 50 or 15 !

We are the pressure that turns your rock into a diamond… or better to say, a RUBY!


Renaissance; The French word translating to Rebirth

It symbolised the beginning of a new era of Art, Culture and Fashion rebirthing the classical models of Ancient Greek and Rome periods with modern techniques. A new definition of how we observe and understand the human body and soul. Sit back and let us light your world on fire with a new approach to fashion of a deeper meaning. Forget everything you’ve ever known:



1000 5th St., Suite 200 - G3, Miami Beach, Florida 33139

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