The ‘Earth’ Without ‘Art’ Is Just ‘Eh.’

The Red Needle was founded on the idea that every look has a story to tell! 

We set out to create unique luxury possessions that are rich in comfort, quality, and most importantly; Design.

Our items speak more than just fabric that enrobes the body, they entertain the mind.

Detailed artistic masterpieces are crafted from Europe’s most elite materials to fashion every piece into a walking museum, and every garment into a world of its own.

We are the pressure that turns your rock into a diamond… or better to say, a RUBY!


Spoil yourself with Greece’s finest luxury sneakers. With each pair crafted by hand and crowned with a
latex infused ergonomic memory foam insole, the sneakers hold an utter luxury comfort that makes
walking for long hours an absolute delight.

Greece's Elite Sneakers

The captivating detailed hand drawn designs teleport your mind and your outfit to a real scene out of a
movie. Even for the most minimalistic styles, this splash of liveliness elevates your appearance, attitude
and magnetism. Trust us when we say these sneakers are a crowd pleaser that have all heads turned thesecond you step in the door.


Living Museum

Each starts out as a piece of art with a dominant personality of its own, all while the most beautiful part is the way it’s a becomes a symbiotic part of your personality and look from wear to wear. The Luxury fabrics and couture stitching support against anything that comes your way, with no detail spared.
It is the striking beauty, the feel of the fabric and gentle smell of washed cotton, along with the steel quality
and long life span that make our garments really super!
We take deep pride in crafting luxury garments of a royal standard that are made with love and
extreme attention to detail; Every single stitch, cut, piece and pencil line are truly what makes each
garment an irreplaceable fashion experience that feels like no other.