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On an early Tuesday Morning Flo, the diner’s cook, called in sick!

However, that doesn’t stop customer traffic and left our two lovely waitress, cherry and Rose, responsible for not just taking the orders but also fulfilling them 

When the first customers of the day order the house specialty of cherry pie, things start to get out of hand…

 Our lovely gals really don’t belong in the kitchen, no matter how hard they try!! This story is a real proof.

Handmade Luxury Sun Dress from Finest Quality Organic Cotton.

Follow the panels to discover a beautiful story told throughout the many curves and edges of this couture masterpiece.

This garment is originally hand sketched. It is like wearing a piece of modern art. There is no better feeling than looking like a walking masterpiece from the museum or a living page out of a book.

Your life is your Story, fill it with good pages.

  • The Sun Dress is hand made in Greece from fine luxury materials.
  • The cotton fabric is breathing with a crisp luxury feeling. 
  • We proudly use state of the art printing technology that it is no longer a print. It is fabric fusion!

 The clause of Handmade

Please note that every piece is individually crafted by hand from start to finish, due to this fact the item you receive may slightly differ from the one in the picture above.