The Red Needle designs and crafts exclusive ladies' and men's fashion, shoes, and eveningwear as true modern works of art.  Established in 2020, the Red Needle is known for stitching best pieces of the past, in the spirit of the future.

Each of our garments and Shoes are proudly handmade in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece 🇬🇷❤️



The Red Needle was founded in early 2020 on the idea that every look has a story to tell!  We set out to create unique luxury possessions that are rich in comfort, quality and most importantly design. Our items speak more than just fabric that enrobes the body, they entertain the mind. Detailed artistic masterpieces are crafted from Europe’s most elite materials to fashion every piece into a walking museum, and every garment into a world of its own.

Our products create a flashback for their wearer about a sweet, simpler time or a distant, loving daydream. While at the same time our styles are so modern that you would immediately recognize the fiery embrace of the 21st century. They make one laugh, smile, dream and feel excited. 

We create products of immense quality in reasonable prices. We work with emotion and passion for fashion and the results are products made with love for our customers. All of our products are 100% Handmade in Greece. We are not mass producing, we are individually crafting with effective methods. 

What are our methods? That would be our beautiful arsenal of artists and crafters that are just as big dreamers as we are.


Our wide range of products include Women’s wear, Men’s wear, Shoes, and Fashion Accessories. We create products of quality in prices that are approachable to everyone. We put love in our products and we make sure our customers feel it. We don’t spare on materials and we aim for perfection. We build our own special signature components that give us a profound boost in the fashion industry .

It is the striking beauty, the feel of the fabric and gentle smell of washed cotton, along with the steel quality and long life span that make our garments really super!

Our creative design team are Ivy League experts in U.S. and comics history, with the speciality of mixing old with new. We feel comic book pages coming to life with every model walking down our runway. We mix couture and culture, sassiness and elegance, and classic with modern! The result is a symphonic harmony that is a feast to the eyes and a joy to the skin.

That is what the Red Needle stamp stands for!



    • We are committed to provide our customers high quality, luxury apparel at approachable prices that spark their passion - effortlessly and hassle free. 
    • We provide a unique and satisfying purchasing experience to our customers around the world with high-end quality products. 
    • We ensure the customer is given a memorable, enjoyable and honest service through our commitment to provide a unique service