Bouzuki, Baby!

Bouzuki, Baby!

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It's Bouzuki, Baby!

One of the greatest prides of Greek culture is its music. The long necked Bouzouki instrument is known creating those ethinical symphonies that channel your spirit and mind into a warm and hugging atmosphere of happy feet!

This T shirt is all about the magic of Bouzokia and it will play its way right into your heart; 

Starring Eros and the forest Crew!

Confetti is truly one of a kind 

The emphasis of our confetti Iine is the love and magic that goes into handmade items. Each of our Tanks and Tees is individually dyed in a passionate artistic manner. A masterpiece brought to life from the very beginning up until the cherry on top. Our stunning colors interact with their garment hosts each time in a different manner as they fuse, and the result is a one of a kind living piece of modern art!

Beautiful Tie Dye T shirt from 100% Organic Cotton