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Egyptian Dynasty

Egyptian Dynasty

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Queen of the Nile

In the year 49 B.C.  Queen Cleopatra and her brother, King Ptolemy XIII ascended to the Egyptian throne and  were destined to become the last active rulers of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. 

Soon after the siblings’ ascension, Ptolemy’s advisers acted against Cleopatra for being  with a more dominant agenda and she was forced to flee for her life from Egypt to Syria.

 In her exile, Cleopatra raised an army of mercenaries and returned the following year to face her brother’s forces in a civil war at Pelusium, on Egypt’s eastern border. Upon her glaring victory which managed to bring a temporary cease fire and negotiations, the original femme fatale managed to regain her throne.

Pulling the strings and playing her secret agenda, Cleopatra sought to bring Egypt to its former glory days, remodelled with her as its one true sovereign .

The queen was known for extravagant parties and bashes that she used throw for political reasons: “If you want to trap the flies, you must first lure them with honey.”

An inside look on Egypt’s aristocratic lifestyle in the Macedonian Dynasty and Cleopatra’s mysterious regime. The Egyptian banquet in the desert heat  with lush live entertainment , aromatic delicacies and nectarous drinks fashioned to the queen’s wildest desires are the hottest chic for this summer!

This ensemble is a true play on Casual. It’s classic, playful and just enough formal. Live your summer days like an ancient Egyptian in the modern world and feel Queen Cleopatra’s glory with every move you make

  • The skirt is hand made in Greece from fine European materials.
  • The cotton fabric is breathing with a crisp luxury feeling.
  • rows of peacock aesthetic fringe trimmings give a dazzling  aristocratic feeling to this ensemble 
  • We proudly use state of the art printing technology that it is no longer a print. It is fabric fusion!
  • 100% Vegan💚 and cruelty free ❤️



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Your life is your Story, fill it with good pages.

This item is originally hand sketched. It is like wearing a piece of modern art! There is no better feeling than looking like a walking masterpiece from the museum or a living page out of a book.

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