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Love Doctor

Love Doctor

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Eros. The spirit of Desire. The symbol of Love. And a real stubborn Match Maker

Ever since this guy was old enough too fly, his favourite hobby was meddling with foolish Mortals’ body molecules, like chess pieces in his silly game of Love. His fine and sharp skills truly make him the best at what he does , and we didn’t even mention his gorgeous facade ( Like seriously, look at those wings ! He clearly works out).

Worshipped by the greeks and adored by the romans, life as a celebrity has it pretty neat for Eros.   But all of that was before 1946….

The end of the war started a period of ushering love and compassion for Humans to build a better world together, and at the same time left Eros unemployed.

He wasn’t sure if to be happy or sad with the occasion, but after 5000 years he sure considered pension.

He went back to Olympus and made a comfortable bed on a cloud.  For just a 10 minute nap he thought. Then Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days and days became years…..

Sunk in deep sleep, Eros felt a rain of hard apples falling on his head. Still, all he did was turn and cuddled in his wings tighter  like a blanket. He heard a faint scream from a distance of an annoyed stubborn voice repeating : Wake Up !!! He kept on sleeping until he was suddenly electrified by a lightning bolt. Now Aphrodite was angry ! Just woken up, the sleepy and confused cupid walked up to his mother trying to see what the problem was.

 Aphrodite said that it was time to wake up again. Duty calls.

Complaining he only managed to get 10 minutes of sleep after accomplishing the great task of world peace, Eros was getting furious !

 The woman started laughing frantically saying that he was asleep for over 40 years and like she warned him “ There are no winners in Love and War”.

The humans returned to their primal behaviours of greed and anger. Spreading new weeds in the garden of earth.

Without giving him anytime to respond , Aphrodite threw a small magical book with a list of names. “Your targets”, she said just a moment before she threw him out of the sky.

  And soon the cupid was crashing to the ground with a slight concussion, only hearing a faint scram again “ Love you! And don’t forget your walking, talking hoof and mouth disease !”.

  He crashed in a field and suddenly saw a familiar silhouette in front of him.  His old friend, the reject Pegasus Boufos.

The only horse rejected by everyone in his herd and a complete annoying nuisance to all other olympians , except Eros.  With a small body of a baby who won’t grow and a big mouth much dirtier than the stables of the Olympus, that he won’t shut.

“Welcome to the year 1990, Eros !” Screamed Boufos.

 During his sleep he seems to have forgotten how to use his powers. Barely remembering the basics, Eros has to tackle a list of the world’s nastiest douche bags with the skills and abilities of no more than a baby cupid.  He has very little time and a whole lot to relearn, so hold on to your seats folks because class is now in session… Starting with a crazy, Crazy Doctor!


Welcome to Matchmaking 101 ! it is going to be a Bumpy Ride, but our angel has never been known for a crash landing



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Your life is your Story, fill it with good pages.

This item is originally hand sketched. It is like wearing a piece of modern art! There is no better feeling than looking like a walking masterpiece from the museum or a living page out of a book.

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