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There exists a popular Greek legend  which talks about a mermaid who lived in the Aegean Sea for hundreds of years, named Thessaloniki. Daughter of  Phillip II and sister of Alexander the Great.

The legend states that Alexander, in his quest for the Fountain of Immortality, retrieved with great exertion a flask of immortal water with which he bathed his sister's hair. When Alexander died his grief-stricken sister attempted to end her life by jumping into the sea. Instead of drowning, however, she was saved by her hair which we believe turned pink and became a mermaid passing judgment on mariners throughout the centuries and across the seven seas. 

To the sailors who encountered her she would always pose the same question, if her dear brother was still alive; Given the wrong answer (which was anything but alive) would transform her into a angry and fire spitting, snake headed Gorgon bent on sending the ship and every sailor on board to the bottom. 

But in between her main occupation, Thessaloniki lived peacefully in the Aegean Sea underneath her city…. Well, Peaceful enough.

Join us for the adventures in the life of the cutest high society mermaid in the seven seas, and her very serious anger issues.


During the monthly meeting of the Mermaid Association of the Aegean,  a peckish Thessaloniki was reaching out for a donut and was immediately tackled for gaining weight by her shallow and judgemental companions to the group. The illusions between skinny and fat come to play as our stubborn mermaid heads on quest to maintain her figure.

But is it a wise idea to play petty childish games with a hot headed mermaid (quite literally)?! And will she or won’t she lose those extra rolls of fluff?! 

But if she doesn’t; Well, may Zeus have mercy on the Agean, because we are in for a fireworks show!!

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Handmade Luxury Mini Dress from Finest Quality Organic Cotton.

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This garment is originally hand sketched. It is like wearing a piece of modern art. There is no better feeling than looking like a walking masterpiece from the museum or a living page out of a book.

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 The clause of Handmade

Please note that every piece is individually crafted by hand from start to finish, due to this fact the item you receive may slightly differ from the one in the picture above.