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Joe's Diner: Vintage Ads

Joe's Diner: Vintage Ads

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Welcome to Joe’s Diner….. Where we can guarantee you’ll have the craziest meal ever!

Cherry and Rose star in the most beautiful vintage ads you'll ever see!

Whether you are up for a frosty milkshake or a juicy burger; step up to Joe's Diner, friend! 

We were expecting you!!!

Sit back, our staff is entertaining!

Listen to Cherry and Rose, our lovely waitresses, as they will pour their hearts and life stories to you while they pour your drinks. You could expect the Monday desperation/motivation speech, the Tuesday usual Rom-com and the Wednesday greek tragedy that builds up until the Friday feeling! Try to keep your appetite through all that though!

Do you love inspiring the young generation? Then you should definitely meet our youngest and newest recruit, Ethel! She comes in on the weekends to help our busy bee waiting staff serve all you freakishly hungry folks! Being the average teenager of the 1940’s, she thinks she has seen it and done it all… If you can get her excited about anything (seriously anything!), your meal is free!

Go to the bar for the opportunity to be hit on and dipped in sweet slimy talk by our very own sweetheart wise-ass, Dick! You’ll either end up dating him or slapping him, but a spicy conversation is guaranteed!

And also don’t mind his wingman, Benny. He also works at the bar, but he is mostly known by the customers as the more gentle bartender with the FUNCTIONING common sense!

Back in the Kitchen, we have our Flo. Flo literally keeps the flow. Her best mood is quiet and that’s because she is what we like to call…. Experienced!

She can go from 0-60 in 2.5, so seriously, don’t mess with Flo! You might end up seeing Thursday’s mystery meat from up close… Too close!

When it comes to customer satisfaction, there is no one quite like our Mildred… You will always get treated seriously (too seriously…) and there won’t be a lot left for you to argue!

Then there is Joe, he is the owner... That doesn’t give him any more credibility than the others. He is an expert at making up wise ideas “from the future”, that always turn the diner into to the most wanted dinner show in Town!

If it keeps the customers rolling, then you won't hear us complaining!

Grab a seat in our 1940’s diner and experience a blast from the past yourself. There is something for everyone!


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