Joe's Diner: Moonlight Daydream

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Ever had a daydream so good, you really wished no one would wake you up?

It is quite common for Dick to fantasize about Cherry instead of working during rush hour, but it wasn’t the dirty floor water of the mop that woke him up this time.

It was Ethel that came in with customer complaints, but she said it best...

This shoe is originally hand sketched. It is like wearing a piece of modern art. There is no better feeling than looking like a walking masterpiece from the museum or a living page out of a book.

Your life is your Story, fill it with good pages.

  • Sneakers are hand made in Greece with luxury Italian materials.
  • Double layered, breathing twill and hand woven Italian cotton fabrics control air circulation for the feet.
  • Fabrics are climate adaptive to keep cool in summer and warm in the winter. 

The sneakers are equipped with Anatomical ergonomic insoles that support back pain and posture. The insoles accommodate for long walking distances and for an energetic feeling after a full day on your feet without getting tired.